[Drabble] Book of Sleeping Method

inspired from Buku Latihan Tidur – Joko Pinurbo

an English version of Buku Latihan Tidur




God had no time to sleep, but created sleep. I was about to put a million blame on Him in case of insomnia that haunted. Enliven this soul day and night. There is no dusk without folded eyes.

I saw a piece of black covered book in side of Melawai, at twilight. Book of Sleeping’s Method. I took her home.

I cried down my night; a risky day could not be removed still. Even rendered me up to play with words. I said good night to eyes and she replied with her sentences. It brought the continuance until the book of sleeping’s method drawn no words.

The book of sleeping’s method been asleep, hearsay was slumberred, and I was aiming a firearm towards the foreword of sleeping’ scrutiny that could not flourish a blossom my night. Nonetheless I desired to bend over awhile from the delicate scent of coffee and a nursery rhyme of rain that created a dangerous reminiscence about embraces and the most beautiful sunrise on your eyes. You, who wrote a book of sleeping’s method for me.[]


haha. apa ini. sok ada english version segala. hempas. haha.


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