looking for some serenity in fan-fiction? check this journey below. this one may not be the first or the best one, but the taste of high runaway is here!

Wedding Dress


starring miss A Bae Suzy and INFINITE Kim Myungsoo. Broadcasted in KSF. 

A Call For A Friend’s Series


The 1st project about telling you what friends are supposed to do. This project calling: miss A Bae Suzy and all of her friends.

GOEZ‘S Series


The 2nd abnormal project for INFINITE Kim Myungsoo as Elgo and miss A Bae Suzy as Suez. 

  1. GOEZ
  2. The Journey
  3. Morn
  4. GOEZ:

COLORS’ Series


The 3rd project for miss A‘s 7th Project Full Mini-Album COLORS, starred: Wang Fei, Meng Jia, Lee Min Young, and Bae Suzy

  1. One Step
  2. Only You
  3. Love Song
  4. Melting
  5. I Catch Ya
  6. Stuck

18/7 Series


The 4th Project for special month! featuring: miss A‘s all members, Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk, Lee Jieun / IU, EXO‘s Suho, Tao, Sehun, Red Velvet‘s Irene, Wu Yi Fan, and Xi Luhan

The London’s Journal


The 5th project for her hidden longing to survive in London. This project summoning: miss A Bae Suzy, all Barclays Premiere League‘s Teams and Players, and also the special guests in every chapter.



The 7th project of writing fan-fiction which made every little thing in a life could talk. it’s gonna bring some simple issue to be told by its different sight.  featuring miss A Bae Suzy, Red Velvet Bae Joohyun, EXO Kai, and Actor / Soloist Wu Yifan. this project include 6 chapters only.

The Day-Series


The 8th Project featuring all DAY6 Members which is using all tracks of their first mini-album debut The Day.

Indiscreetly, Fondly


Two-shoots fan-fiction starring miss A Bae Suzy and EXO Oh Sehun.  A romance yet fluffy fiction with appearances from some idols. A story between the editor and her writer. Their destiny met when the foolish editor (Suzy)  who was accidentally lost her file and somehow in a million way met the stranger guy who helped her.

Sometime, you cant deny a destiny that has been tied knot you down, secretly. 

Love Nation


Fan-fiction Chapter Project 2016. starring Bae Suzy and Kai. under the Classic Dream Production and directed by xianara. Will be broadcasted on KSF as well.


In The Brick of Decent


A historical fan fiction told by Bae Suzy and Oh Sehun. Two partS only.

(last update 2016-10-06)